Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Shall Not Pass.... Night Of The Staff Infection

Went to the coast this tuesday/wednesday and met up with Jake, Trent, Curtis, Powell, and Nate. I had to bail a night early, but here's what happened Tuesday night.

-Hopefully you fuckers (Jaketrentcurtispowellnate) documented what happened wednesday night...

Seriously below freezing the whole entire time.

This was probably one of the smaller one rolling through. Some kids tied a rope off the cliff to get out to the line up. One of kids bailed on his friend and left him solo in the water. He took about 5 on the head then rode one in on his stomach.

Staffage begin at promptly 7: 3o

Trent got drunkest of the night award. Congratulations Trent.

Jake mode was in full effect.

Making some room at about 8:30

Hail to the unknown

Serious staffs

Jake warming his feet.

The next was pretty awesome..


Minibike said...

Tripped on the side of the deck and fell into a sharp stump. Hitting my cheek.

How did you get that I jumped off the roof?

Donny said...

Dude really? That story sucks though

Anonymous said...

that bottom shot looks like a classic oregon 1 hour+ paddle out.