Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scott Blum's Skate Photos


Just got home from the hospital.  I'm hooked up to some type of ice machine and have lots of vicodin but my knee still hurts. waa waaa waaaa someone call the wambulance.  If anyone wants to bring me some red mango frozen yogurt or morphine i'd love it.   ohhh or a cinnamon roll from Mcdonalds.  xoxo austin

we are climbers that fuck not fuckers that climb


i love this...fucking amazing


The Donny Poll #1 Results

Dang, i'm impressed......17 Dudes want to bone Donny!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Transition.se Swede (Sweet) shout out

Thanks to Swedish Magazine Transition for the swede shout out on their website.  This is actually bringing our views up to 7 people a day.
Hjalmar or Pierre, can we get a translation?

bOObs 4

Jabba de Nut

Is Donny not getting laid because he's gay?

Why is he sending me pictures of Tyler's balls?

From: Donny Stevens
Date: September 27, 2008 9:30:58 PM PDT
To: "minibike"
Subject: This is awesome

Begin forwarded message:

curtis on snowboarder

Fwd: screengrabs of douche bag helmet buyer

This is in regard to this post:

Thanks Pierre Wikberg for the content!

Begin forwarded message:
Subject: screengrabs of douche bag helmet buyer

Fuckers That love Good Wood

Check out Alex Lopez, Kyle Martin, Tyler Scharpf, and Donny's pants in this clip at Twsnow.com

P.S.  Last day of the donny getting laid poll.  Voting is mandatory... New Poll up tommorow!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Douche Bag

So I spent bits of my day trying to craigslist shit out of my garage. This is what I had to deal with.

If you feel like email this cunt hit them up at:

Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008

D B: Here's a new marketing idea. You might try listing what size your helmet is, really it is being done all over this days in modern clothing stores, shoe stores ~~~ in fact it is a marketing idea that I think is here to stay. While I don't have time to wait to heard back from you; as I need one for a friend to ride with today, you really might have better luck selling your helmet if you were tell people what size it is.

Best of Luck

M W: Well thank you for your marketing lesson, D B.
I assume that stands for Douche Bag.
It's a small

D B: Well I actually need a small, but it seems that your marketing talents have once again shined ever so brightly again.

M W: As a marketing guru you must have taken some sort of English courses. Please read over your emails you sent me and see how stupid you sound. For example, you don't need "again" twice in one sentence and " if you were tell people".

D B: Hell Mark,
I am sorry; I am sure that those three particular words are not ones that you have ever put the smallest amount of sound to, however I was rushed while checking both emails and pulling up MapQuest too, as we were sitting at a stoplight working on my wireless lap top, while we were on our way to buy different helmet.

As for my possibly ever being a "Douche Bag", 1.) With your attitude, I really doubt that most intelligent (as in West Side) women would ever let you close enough to talk about such things; much less use one, and 2.) as a possible Extremely Rich Douche Bag; unlike you, I was only trying to (and now have) help a very nice lady with a equipment problem as she wanted to surprise her son and go for a ride on his motorcycle with him today.

Now we all know that you would have already sold your helmet at least once by noon today, however once you opened your Smooth Dude Month ... I am guessing that you still have not sold it yet as after all you The Cool Dude Marketing Plan guy as well.

BTW - Since you live in NE Portland, can you provide a sales receipt from the place that you bought your helmet from or do you expect your future buyer to run the risk of buying stolen merchandise?

So Hot Stuff, ... it seems that the joke has turned out to be on you all the way around as I see on CL your helmet is still ... For Sale.

Get Well Soon Austin

Maybe you can start moderating all the comments now that you have nothing better to do than look at this website.

Gabriel Park

Scott and I went and skated the Gabriel park a couple of days ago. It is one of the newer parks in portland. It's really fun with cool little rollers and some weird coping in some spots.

sleepless in san diego

padres won.  and there was a firework show afterwards.
mission beach

Been doing all the tourist activities in and around SD, it was fun while it lasted.  I become a vegetable on tuesday, if anyone would like to feed me with a spoon, please call.

Donnys hat

This is Donnys Stevens fedora for sale.  I will be accepting bids for the next 5 days.  Donny, i suggest you bid high.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to you Barack.

"But Barack, I don't think Herbal Essences are the best hair products, and look at my hair.....amazing!"

Fox is in the Roxy Store

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Miss the Pussy Cat

Saw this on the street today.

Happy Birthday Curtis Sorenson

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

went to SF.

There was some parade going on in front of our hotel. I just couldn't believe he had on a backpack. What a creep.

back to you sal

America Fuck Yeah

I Want to Travel With one of these next Winter.

Funny Video!


Back to you Sal


Mt. Hood lookin' good

posted by : Lisa

cat mosh

pretty funny    

tits of the week

photo credit mark. good job.

fotos from mark

robert h sell

jon, jared and i think bryan
pretty funny


nikki and adam go to tumalo falls
kyle ready to rave
me and bobby biking home, romantic night.
our last party at jakes house
cute couple.
mister spider