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Over The Falls

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Shit Faced


Updated Rulez

Insta archives #19

Happy Birthday to this amazing human.

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Jamie Lynn legend & best dude ever award

Insta-Archives #17

Join in!

Checking off Life Goals

Tindy on the front page of the Bend Bulletin is a definite highlight.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Austrian Resort Side Hit

The Pirate's Film Crew Flo Eckhardt goes for the Media Method.

Arthur Longo

Minibike Media Andrecht

Hardingham's BAF Awards.

I sent out a questionnaire to all of BAF's main fuckers to get a BAF awards post going for the year, the only one to respond doesn't even have a log in.  I wasn't going to post this, but thought it was too funny not to.  This was received on Dec. 23rd.

"this is all i got. sorry, im not really in the loop"
Andrew Hardinghamm....

> Rider of the Year
1. i dont know too many peoples names but if i had to choose id say that swiss guy who talks like the adams family (last name Muler)
2. Dan breezer seems to do the most life thretaning things and i hold that high so him too.

> Rookie of the Year
1. i dont know any rookies

> Video of the year
1. "All I Can". incredible filming and unique idea and thought was put into this film.
2. the guard

> Legendary Bitch Syndrome #lbs
1. there are so many bitches i cant make a list that long. i like this category though. i like the name

> Worst Video of the year
> 1. there is really no such thing as a bad video. but if i had to choose it would be art of flight. it wasn't as good as the first one and it was the only video ive seen other than All I Can so i have to say it came in second so its the worst so far. i like those guys a lot but i have to say less helicopter and more sex scenes.

> Worst in snowboarding
> 1. anything florescent and anything in the park.
> 2. young kids, there so stupid looking. i like them when they grow up more but i guess thats just life. i used to hate sean whites parts in the TB movies because he looked so dumb when he was so little. i know its not his fault. but now thats he's older he looks way cooler on a board. so i would say little kids are the worst thing.

Categories that were not answered:
> Worst Rider of The Year*
> Lindsay Jacobellis Web Video Award*
>What were you thinking?*
> The shark tank (Sam Hiltner)*
> Video Part of the year *
> Stand out performance*
> Best Brand*

What do you BAF'rs think?

xgames real snow

vote now

Louif crushed it this year.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Volcom's #IP2 Project

 #IP2 is the new movie project the Volcom snow team is currently filming.

All of our film crews and riders will be posting to this tumblr site on the regs.

 We will be releasing "Clips of the Day" EVERYDAY like this one of Curtis below.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Insta-Archives #16

Austin is down. Please give him your get well wishes.....

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a movie by Sam Tuor, Aaron Robinson, Jason Robinson.

Snowboarding is much more than just banger after banger; It's a journey, it's euphoria, it's pain, it's excitement, it's fear, it's meeting new people, it's sending it, it's SNOWBOARDING.
-Aaron Robinson

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Austrian Candy?

Insta-Archives #15

Deepest Snow I have ever ridden/gone swimming in.

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We up in da Streets of Pennsylvania

Kyle Schwartz capturing all the carnage

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Insta-archives #14

Best Commentary Ever.

Submitted By BAF'r Hjalmar.

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Insta archives #13

Winkel doing big things and smashing life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mt Bachelor edits are going off

Kyle Martin and friends reliving their recent trip to Germany

Drunk Cuts

Derby and camping weekend!

Mt. Bachelor - Dirksen Derby/Manifest Premiere from Wade Dunstan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Week at Baldface.

Homie J

Curtis Ciszek Likes To Party

Here we come Europe.

All time conditions at Mt. Bachelor

via Markie

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Volcom's "Road Tested - B.C. Action Adventures"

Dedicated to Aaron Robinson.


About Time...

Gotta Love Sled Necks

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from the OFFICE mega post

catching up on not posting these on here over the holidays.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Barrett Called and Wants Her Method back.

Method of the month to........: