Sunday, August 31, 2008

Curtis and Mark's drive to San Diego

We post a lot of crap on TWSNOW. Read this one about Curtis and Mark's drive to San Diego.  

Donny's Darts and Mega Mansions

Frank Hirata lives in Lisa's back house.  Check him out in this youtube clip.  He has been skating for over 29 years and pro for much of them.  Basically, he is a total badass.
Eddie Wall is in the blog.  Watch the video below for some darts in the neck.
Saudi was arting up the place.  Thanks for the new reminds me not to drink and bike. 
Lisa's connections took us to a crazy Bel Air mansion.  The fresh prince wasn't there.....but close to it.....Kirsten Dunst and our Presidents daughter were getting lurked on by Donny.  Side note, Ian Ruhter is the most wasted sober person I have ever met.  Total badass as well.  
This is basically the theme of our blog.....maybe we should call this the "tied to pole blog"
Lisa and I jumped in the pool.  Eddie fully talked us into it.  Most awkwardly awesome thing I have done in my life.  I got George Bushes daughter wet, Donny wasn't the only one.  Again, video below is pretty sweet.
Best party move ever is stealing beer.  Free case of Coors for the road back home.  

This is probably the last post i'll have like this.  I don't think i'll be invited to another "Hollywood" party again.  

Saturday, August 30, 2008

argentina post 3

The internet is slow here, too many people macing off at the same time.  Premier of the Grenade movie tonight, i'll give a full report later.
This is Gibby, we rented bikes together and it has probably been the best part of the trip. some serious exploring going on.
Me and Hadar wasting 5 hours at the casino, losing too much money.
We went to Dannys friends house diego for a bbq, eric got really drunk, it was fun.  danny wearing the meat.
i want.

2 feet of fresh snow and rain. shin and eric headed up into the mist.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Minute With Austin Smith

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daytrippers III Bend Extreme

3 days in Bend, Oregon. May 2008. Jake, Austin, Dirksen. Bachelor, Bend, South Sister. Good times.

Thanks Hjalmar.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


curtis-todd-eric jackson.  this was probably 6 yrs ago. craighill sent me these gems.
seriously  amazing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 6 Donny at Steel Panther

While we were waiting in line.  Donny pissed himself.  NO SHIT!

Satchel now does flying guitar solos. 

Donny and Lisa going in for the hair lick.

Donny's facial expression is priceless.

Slept in the driveway.

Steel Panther is the best show ever.  If you are ever in L.A. make sure you go check these guys out.  Their Myspace page is all time too....

It was so cool to here them sing Motley Crue's Kickstart my Heart.  Crawford shredded to that song in "The Revival".   For some reason that part is not on youtube.  Someone really needs to put that up.  

Fucking NZ Hell Itch Foot Fungus

Anyone else get it?

New Zealand. All the board fuckers go there.

austin and sean(quik rep/best dude ever) in the auckland(NZ) airport. Austin got hassled at customs, of course he did.
first thing to do in another country, eat some fucking sausage mcmuffins
ansel adams shit
intensity level at an all time high.

bored/board hello.

                                    My name is  bryan. Blogging is lame but patrick odell does it.....

Metal school update Tommorow

Monday, August 25, 2008

argentina post 2

some monument park during my morning stroll.
palm trees in the winter
there were a bunch of sail boats out there that you can't see.
bobby meeks

fucking A Wright

argentina post 1

Had a night on my own in Buenos Aires so i spent it in neverland.
iphone photos kill it
i got the gringo priced taxi ride
did some shopping
and hit the mall

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Craw could take them

Donny's Week in L.A. Day 4

We went and surfed Malibu.  Mathew Mccaunageugh was there stretching.  Donny was spotting him until the paparazzi got out of control.

This video pretty much sums up the rest of the day. 

5 Ways to Leave Your Lover By: Lukas Huffman

Five Ways to Leave Your Lover / Romania; A Sneak Peak
In June 2008, I flew to Bucharest to shoot the Romanian script. I rented an apartment and things weregoing swimmingly until I split my chin open and shattered some teeth.

But, lets start at the beginning.

My production plan; the structure and dramatic ideas of the Romanian script were finished (this scriptis about a couple in their young 20s), but I would work with young Romanians to create authentic charactersand dialog. Once the script was finalized we would cast, rehearse and shoot. Real simple. When I arrived in Bucharest I was introduced to two students from the National University of Film and Drama. ( lucked out, as they are some of the sharpest film students in Bucharest. A crucial element of the Five Waysproject is that each script utilizes cultural nuances to drive the story. My crew understood what I was trying to do, so we started brainstorming about how to make the script “Romanian.”

The script I brought to Romania was set at a swimming pool (ideally a visually stunning, medieval pool)and was about discovering sexuality. I was quickly informed that A. kids in Bucharest don’t swim that often, nor does anybody have a private medieval swimming pool we could film at. And, B. Romanian’s in their early 20’s are way beyond discovering their sexuality.

(No swimming pool, bathing suits, or sexy drama photos here.)

So, I had to scrap the swimming pool and all the ideas that go along with it. After lots of thinking andhead sweating, Adi, Anna and I came up with new ideas and environments. The new script is based on what is really happening in the lives of young Romanians. It is about a secret romantic rendezvous in the park. The boy struggles to create an emotional connection, yet the girl only wants a physical connection. Their divergent desires explode in the shadows! Already, the script was starting to take a more “Romanian” shape.

Once the guy meets up with his girl, they walk into the famous Cismigiu Garden ( romania/en/bucuresti/bu_cismigiu.html) located in downtown Bucharest. This is where their emotions become intense and the drama goes down. Cismigiu is one of the oldest gardens in Romania and holds a mythical placein Romanian literature. Lots of couples make out there non-stop, so the script continues to build authenticity.

The point is; the garden is really beautiful and mysterious by night, and we are excited to shoot there.

Once the new script had been sketched out, we held an open casting at the University of Film andDrama. I was not looking for actors to just read a script, but actors who seemed smart and energetic enough to help me further shape the script. I needed actors who would contribute their ideas in order to create interesting Romanian characters and juicy Romanian dialog.

I was lucky enough to find two inspiring collaborators; Alex Calin and Jolanda Covaci. The actors and I sat down with a rough draft of the script and our locations in mind. They suggested we infuse the script with some of the visuals and sensitivities of Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu (http://www.mihaieminescu. ro/en/ english.htm). It turns out that his poetry contains a similar romantic urgency as the script. After more research we loosely based our characters relationship on the relationship between hopelessly romantic Eminescu and his practical muse Veronica. This is the conflict between passionate ideals and reality. Now, the script started taking on a dark and heartbreaking sincerity.

For the next week, the actors and I would sit in the shade of a tree by my house and think about thecharacters. However, the heat (I mean 100+ degrees) was making it difficult to think, and the sessions would get called short as our synapses began to melt down. This is when things start going south.

Regardless, a crew had begun to assemble, we set shooting dates set for late July, permits were pried from state officials, and we started to prep for the shoot.

Then, one night when I was out and about, my visional tunneled and I fainted standing up. I landed chin first on the sidewalk. When I came-to, I had broken teeth in my mouth, a girl was sitting next to me screaming, “I thought you died!” and blood was dripping from my chin. I was rushed to the Bucharest ER and got somestitches. It turned out that three of my teeth were shattered to the roots and getting infected, so a few days later Ihad two of them extracted. And, all the filmmaking brain push-ups came to a sudden halt.

Six stitches and three shattered teeth later.

I shattered three of my side teeth and did not look so bad, but I had a funny lisp and felt fucked up. Itried giving the movie making a go after this, but didn’t have the energy. After some deliberation I decided to post-pone the shoot one week, so I could go back home to Vermont for some healing. In Vermont things did not heal up as fast as I had hoped. My energy was zapped and I was still feeling lightheaded.

It turned out that the third tooth had become infect, so I had it removed and finally started to getmy spirits back. But, two weeks had passed, which cramped our already tight filming schedule. After more deliberation and encouragement from the cast and crew, I finally decided to post-pone shooting the script until early summer of 2009. Yikes.

So, the Garden, the romance, the young couple, and all the drama have to wait.

The cast and crew have already put in a lot of hard work, and we are excited to sink what is left ofour teeth into the project next year. This summer we will be translating the script in to Romanian, whichshould create some interesting language compositions.

I cannot give enough thanks to my Romanian friends who drove me to the hospital and took care of mybusted ass face while I was laid up. Your efforts mean a lot to me.

Moral of the story: Watch out Romania, the Five Ways to Leave Your Lover crew will be back!

…. da.

-Five Ways to Leave Your Lover director, Lukas Huffman

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Surf Trip

After getting back from NZ and spending one day in the 105 degree Central Oregon weather i decided it was time to head to the coast and go for a surf. I got out there on Monday night and the waves were really good. Then i spent tuesday through thursday locked inside this trailer while what seemed like hurricane force winds and rain raged outside. It sucked major ass. The storm finally passed and the surf really turned on. A little too much, it got about a solid 8 feet and was so consistent trying to get out was like taking big black up the ass. (For those of you who don't know what this is like just ask Donny) The next day the swell dropped quite a bit and the sun came out and it was just another glorious day on the oregon coast.. Now I'm back in bend and headed up the lake for a little sailing fishing and serious boozing in other words normal summer activities.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Donny's Week in L.A. Day 2

We saw a super hot babe on the Roxy poster on the front of this store.  So we knew that was where Donny was going to buy his new surfboard.

Done Deal. 

After surfing we went to Foose Hotrods from the T.V. show Overdrive on Discovery channel.  My friend Andrew Petterson runs the paint program over there and is really kicking some ass.  He is seen here with a million dollar Cuda that he just painted 

Donny really liked the Foose Hemisphere and tried to trade his yellow rental Ferrari for it.

Andrew has an art show coming up as well as an Oakley frogskin artist series coming out soon.  His art kicks major ass.