Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hello fellow shredders.  This is Dirksen.  The Dirksen Derby is on and is scheduled to be spectacular.  Thanks to a solid snowpack at Bachelor, the course has shaped up nicely with tight but fun head high berms all the way down the 30 second rally course.  A fresh storm should provide a nice dusting (3-9 inches) over the turns.  It takes about a minute to hike to the finish line from the West Village lodge.  For the top of the course you will need a lift ticket.

Here is some more info.  Hope to see you all soon,  Josh

Location:  Sunday, December 13, 2009,  Mt. Bachelor,  Pine Martin base area, chair opens at 9:00.  

Registration:  Bottom level of the West Villiage lodge,  earlier the better, starts at 8:00

Price:  $25 dollars for the contest entry fee (100% goes to Tyler Eklund), $25 dollar lift ticket with a valid Derby bib number.

Slipping the course:  Probably from 9:00-10:00

Start time:  Planning on 10:00-10:30.  Sending racers until the sun goes behind the mountain at about 1:30.  

Format:  Low stress, good times

Splitboard start time:  Crack of Noon (12:00), at the BOTTOM of the course.  

Awards:  3:00 at the same spot as registration.  Prizes and Trophies for the top 3 in each division, and a huge raffle (boards, clothes, shred gear) for everyone else.  Tons of giveaway gear from all the sponsors.

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S.R. Powell said...

I'll be there with my split board under foot and a camera bag in tow!