Monday, December 14, 2009

Dirksen Derby 2009

*All photos by Sean Powell @ Tree Farm Foto
The Dirksen Derby was yesterday. It was a mind blowing tight rally snake run. There were over 160 competitors all their to support Tyler Eklund. This was the best snowboard contest I have ever been to, and want to thank Josh Dirksen for putting it on for the 3rd time. Everyone is already looking forward to next Year.

Tyler Sharpf. (Still Sponsorless), Trent Ludwig, and 1st Place Women's Shelly Ciszek. Congrats Shelly!!!

Travis Parker and the Airblasters were here filming for a new movie project! It was great to see Travis out boarding wild!

Mono or sit boarder maneuvering the banks.

Shred legend Travis Yamada and myself getting ready for the drop.

BAF's own Curtis Ciszek took home the glory! Congrats Curtis.

The final results. MENS TOP 5o, WOMENS TOP 10.

*Donny Steven's got dead last 160th.
*Fabienne Reuteler was disqualified from the Womens snowboard division. So Shelly Ciszek rallied to first place.
*Tyler Eklund got first place in the Quad Sit- Ski division.
*Splitboard division was: Adam Haynes in first, Abe Blair in second, and Adam Steffan in 3rd.
*Sit-Ski division was: Ravi Drngan in first, Kevin McCormack in second, Gary Crosswhite in third, and Scott Plumb in Fourth......

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