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Coming Soon?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Yeah....And this went down! Johnny Malanga.

Amazing that he landed and slid out of it!

Behind The People's.....Mt. Bachelor Shoot

Trent Ludwig was shooting something top secret that you will see on the interweb real soon.

Guess who his puppet was........

I think Austin really likes being in skin tight neon green jumpsuit.

This one is for the ladies. See how comfortable he looks.

Ricky Tucker and Brian Craighill.

Brian getting the close ups of Austins balls in that suit.

Donny saw that there was a camera out and tried to Float Life the rail.

Zac Marben mini rail 5-0 action.

Birds Attacking

2 Summers ago when I was hanging out in Cardiff editing the DC Mt. Lab 1.5 Video. I decided I really wanted to learn how to surf. DC got us this rad house a few blocks from the beach, so I had no reason not to. Curtis and Austin came down to visit and were sleeping on my roof in a tent spooning everynight and would go surfing during the day. One evening when the sun was going down we were out paddling around and a bird attacked me. It looked like the one in the picture above. I suck at telling stories.

Winter Float Life

Thanks to Photographer Abe Blair for the clip....

Fo sho firday, idaho

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Spring Of Steven's Is Upon Us


Now I would expect it from BFOX considering he posts on 5 different blogs and never on BAF........But is Curtis cheating on us too??


Still got it?

Annie Fast sent this one over from the Ultimate Boarder contest. Looks like your getting a little squirrelly these days TR!


The shark shits in his tank... or his pants either or..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Curt Dog

The photo girls all across america have pleasured themselves to for the past 8 years.

Wrong or Just Wrong that you don't even need to blur his penis it's so small....

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

Board'n beers and more board'n

Took a recent trip out to Colonotsorado for the Transworld Boardtest, good time, good dudes, good boards. Heres some photos from there and a spring day at bachelor.

Tyler Scharpf doing something over some jump.

The hotel we were staying at gave us a conference room to play powerhour in, pretty awesome.

Justify Full
TW's Ben Gavelda puked 2 beers into powerhour, better luck next year Ben!

Justin Gunson decided to floss with this guys mohawk.

Snowed 3 feet in Breck, get back to Bend and it's bluebird and 80 degrees heres some banger photos of the bros at Bachelor.

Jake Price laid into this one a little to hard.

Ended up pulling his groin hung out doggy style for 15 minutes.

Then rebated it for this over under slash with milf hunter Trent Ludwig

Chris Luzier gettin a piece off a pole jam we found.

Last but not least Trent planting the QP

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wendy's Commercial

Lisa's Pregnant! Click to Watch.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Oregon Coast Weekend

Trent, Powell, and I left Bend at 9pm...Set up camp at PC at 1:30AM. Froze my ass off all night.

Friends, Massive Lenses, Fires, Beers, Trucks, Surfboards, Sand, Sun, Fun.
Curtis Sucks at surfing

Bone came out to surf for his first time. Oregon Waters, 3/2 wetsuit, no booties, no hood. He didn't last long.

Stunt Kiterz

Austin and Adam Fous, Kiting. Adam just got back from Peru hiking mt. vesuvious on peyote with spidermonkeys. Cool Story.

I owe Powell $2 for hiking the sand dune in snow shoes and Crocs. Oh yeah...big news...Eric Kosten skates for Crocs now....Powell is ahead of his time.

Curtis and Melissa. I hope your parents don't check this site. Curtis had fresh tuna from the sea for lunch.

Mark Welsh Wwwwwwwwwiiiiiipppeouttttttttttt. You know, like the song.

Curtis Paddling into Waves or did Adam release the jar of bees.

Austin Stunt Kiter X

Crawford Got a 1980's Mini Ramp

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Wandering Winterland Now on ITUNES!

My TV show has finally hit itunes! Click to go directly to the download! It's only $2. Basically what you tip at Starbucks, and you get a whole snowboard video.....

Austin & the chicken

That Feeling