Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hardingham's BAF Awards.

I sent out a questionnaire to all of BAF's main fuckers to get a BAF awards post going for the year, the only one to respond doesn't even have a log in.  I wasn't going to post this, but thought it was too funny not to.  This was received on Dec. 23rd.

"this is all i got. sorry, im not really in the loop"
Andrew Hardinghamm....

> Rider of the Year
1. i dont know too many peoples names but if i had to choose id say that swiss guy who talks like the adams family (last name Muler)
2. Dan breezer seems to do the most life thretaning things and i hold that high so him too.

> Rookie of the Year
1. i dont know any rookies

> Video of the year
1. "All I Can". incredible filming and unique idea and thought was put into this film.
2. the guard

> Legendary Bitch Syndrome #lbs
1. there are so many bitches i cant make a list that long. i like this category though. i like the name

> Worst Video of the year
> 1. there is really no such thing as a bad video. but if i had to choose it would be art of flight. it wasn't as good as the first one and it was the only video ive seen other than All I Can so i have to say it came in second so its the worst so far. i like those guys a lot but i have to say less helicopter and more sex scenes.

> Worst in snowboarding
> 1. anything florescent and anything in the park.
> 2. young kids, there so stupid looking. i like them when they grow up more but i guess thats just life. i used to hate sean whites parts in the TB movies because he looked so dumb when he was so little. i know its not his fault. but now thats he's older he looks way cooler on a board. so i would say little kids are the worst thing.

Categories that were not answered:
> Worst Rider of The Year*
> Lindsay Jacobellis Web Video Award*
>What were you thinking?*
> The shark tank (Sam Hiltner)*
> Video Part of the year *
> Stand out performance*
> Best Brand*

What do you BAF'rs think?

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why don't you setup a poll?