Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Greg Todds Memorial

If there is one thing you need to witness in your life, it's the Greg Todds memorial. 100 noboarders (snowboard w/out binders) going all out to make it to the bottom of a 300 yard pillow field. This was my 3rd year coming, and all I gotta say is that these guys know how to party. In the most grassroots event out there, it's becoming "The new baker banked slalom".

Shandy Campos and Scott Penner lighting it up.

The ammunition for the night + a bottle of Whiskey.

Wille drunk bid $90 on a "Throw Your Panties" DVD created by this invincible feller.

Volcom's clothing designer Pat Field had a boner on the dancefloor.

Devun Walsh, Wille Yli Luoma, and Iikka mosh/dance pit.

Jussi Oksanen showed up to the contest, such a rad turnout of people. I'd guess 150 people showed up to raise money for GT's family.

I came in there at 11th, best showing for the Americans....look who's in 4rd.......

Skye Sheele and Young Dave. Winners.

Jonas Guinn was in pure form. Dude was on Acid and drove his truck into the lake. Seriously, there is a truck with a brand new sled 2 feet under that water there.....

I love americas hat (Canada)

1 comment:

buzz lightyear said...

fuck yea, so rad!
The lost boys will forever be the pinnacle of gnarly and true blue.
Love those dudes, and so rad that some of the best shredders in the world are there to support the noboarders!
Nice work kootney kings!
I'm gonna nunchuk with ya in spirit.
great post minibike.