Monday, September 14, 2009


Technical difficulties were going down for a second there. From all of us at BAF we would like to apologize to our advertisers. The site shutdown by blogger might have lost the hurting snowboard industry millions of dollars everyday our site was out of commission. Sorry snowboard industry.

3 things.

-BAF will be moving to it's own hosting and a new format as soon as this web guy we got can figure out how to make it really sweet for free.....

-We will have 2 new Big Fuckers posting to They will be revealed the 2 following Mondays with introduction speaches hopefully saying what they can contribute to this website.

-Welcome Home Fuckers.


Pierre said...

Welcome back.

Did I send you that ski chick? Great ad.

Minibike said...

Yes, ski chick = find credit: Pierre Wikberg

Anonymous said...

finally! sososostoked!!!