Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Art Of Flight" Secret L.A. Premiere

Drinking 30 beers in the streets before showing up to any premiere is a must. Didn't really realize that when we showed up. It was a "media only, classy" event.

Harrison Gorden noticed that was the homepage on all of red bulls' ipads.

Austin Smith rides for Nike shoes.

Red Bulls' trophy pair of skiis?

We found a room full of food.

We watched the movie to which a lot of people have said is a "Game Changer". Saustin might have been the only one in premiere mode hootin & hollering.

The movie definitely needed more Mark Landvik.

Kevin Zacher found time out of his busy schedule to come hang in the bad kid back row.
Curt Morgan and Travis Rice Q&A.

The movie was very long. I had to piss the whole second half and didn't want to be rude and get up. This is a photo of my 1 minute, 35 second piss I took after the film.
We also premiered Lindsey Jacobellis' Music Video.

We went to the after party in Venice, ate at I hop, and Del taco. Ended up pissing off my girlfriend who kicked us out of her house.
Thought it was a great idea to "just camp at the beach"
Shawn Mckay opted for the no blanket/tshirt on cold cement tactic. Where is Poler when you need them?

Saustin was the only one that found a blanket.

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