Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ammo + Shoot The Moon Recap

Dylan Alito and his Fake I.D. Ammo features 16 year olds' pounding beers. The new kids look like they know how to get wild. Dylan's 2 song ender is seriously amazing. We definitely have a ROY contender. Well deserved.

Dylan Alito, Birthday boy Pat Barraza, and friends. Dylan's part reminded me of a rail version of a Shandy Campos pillow line. Loose and Wild.

The Second film "Shoot the Moon" had some Escramble'ish intros and really great sountrack bytes. This is Zac Marben and his lady Becca. Zac's part was rad as always, starts with a method and ends with the suprise ender.. Rad shit as always from Marben.

Here's another shitty movie I whipped together.

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