Monday, June 25, 2012

Poler Summer '12 Communiqué

The summer solstice is upon us and we are very excited to present the first wave of our summer stuff, with more camping specific stuff to come in a few weeks time. We are proud to present 4 new bags priced at a reasonable 50 dollars each: The Mini Duffaluffagus, The Camera Cooler, The Daypack, and The Mountain Tote. We also have some great new t shirts and a stainless steel water bottle we created with our friends at Mizu.

Thank you for supporting Poler Stuff. We are a very small group of people and we have put our hearts into what we do and really appreciate your support!

We also have a beautiful new photo essay 'adventure' shot by Foster Huntington of a surfing expedition in Nicaragua that we think you will dig if you'll have a look.

Thanks from the team at PWHQ!

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